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About Brunelle Ford

BRUNELLE a Family History

Our story begins with Felix Brunelle who was a valet and manufacturer of carriages over 100 years ago. The automobile revolution however incited Felix to change careers and become a mechanic. A Jack-of-all-trades, Felix designed a winter automobile in the late 1910s that was equipped with paired rear wheels coupled with 2 skis in the front to support the motor. This vehicle, that was able to accommodate 4 passengers, unfortunately never saw the light of day in the showrooms.

The First Succession

Irénée and Édouard, the 2 sons of Felix Brunelle began working for their father in the beginning of the 1920s. In 1923, the 2 young men embarked on their own to launch Dominion Car Dépôt, their business specialized in the sale of used cars and tires. Their first establishment did not last very long because the roof crumbled under the weight of snow. The 2 businessmen decided therefore to relocate and to rename the business Garage Saint-Eustache limitée. There, until 1928, they sold different brands like Auburn, Buick and Ford as well Ford tractors, which were very popular at the time. The manufacturers however forced them to sell only one brand so Irénée and Edouward settled on Ford without even hesitating. Following the death of his brother Édouard, Irénée continued to operate the garage alone. Irénée, who was known for his tractor demonstrations, was more than a one trick pony. Also know under the nickname CHARLOT, Irénée was passionate about planes and boats. His story tells of an astounding feat he once achieved while piloting his personal aircraft. He flew it right between the 2 bell towers of Église de Saint-Eustache.

Second and Third Generation Brunelle

Irénée passed away in 1962. His 2 sons André and Jean-Claude contributed to managing the business until 1989. Six years earlier, Pierre, André's son and the current BRUNELLE FORD dealer principal, began cutting his teeth inside the family business. In 2003, Brunelle Ford relocated from Boulevard Arthur Sauvé to establish itself at 500 Rue Dubois in order to increase its visibility. Today, a fifth generation is making its entry into the dealership. Following in the footsteps of his father, Charles-Antoine Brunelle will one day be the worthy successor of the Brunelle Family business.

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Toll-free:  1-855-706-0643
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